UGC has asked universities to avoid “elements” in the syllabus which may “advance the agenda of terrorism” to telling them to use “handloom fabric” for ceremonial dresses in their new notification.

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UGC has asked universities to avoid “elements” in the syllabus which may “advance the agenda of terrorism” to telling them to use “handloom fabric” for ceremonial dresses in their new notification.From asking universities to avoid “elements” in the syllabus which may “advance the agenda of terrorism” to telling them to use “handloom fabric” for ceremonial dresses, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has come out with a series of notifications.

“The Government of India had set up the second Administrative Reforms Commission which submitted its eighth report. The eighth report on combating terrorism, protecting by righteousness deals with the menace of terrorism. The menace of terrorism is an unprecedented threat which requires extraordinary and multi-prolonged action by all organs of the government and society,” says a notice put up on the website on July 17.

  • “One of the recommendations of the report contains that the media is a source for all channels of mass information and communication. Therefore, media policy should include principles of self-restraint. The institutions imparting education in mass communication and journalism need to be sensitised to avoid such elements which may advance the agenda of terrorism. You are requested to kindly bring it to the notice of all your departments imparting mass communication and journalism education of the recommendations,” it says.

Another notice asks universities and affiliated colleges to use handloom fabric for ceremonial dresses prescribed for special occasions like convocations. “Honourable Prime Minister has emphasised on revival of handloom and improving earnings of the handloom weavers. Use of ceremonial robes made of handloom fabric would not only give a sense of pride of being Indian but also be more comfortable in the hot and humid weather. Greater usage of handloom garments… would promote the handloom industry,” says the notice.

A third notice talks about including topics like disarmament, weapons of mass destruction and peaceful use of chemistry in university curriculum. “The Government of India is a prominent signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention. The National Authority Chemical Weapons Convention has decided that education and awareness should be a thrust area to create mass awareness of chemical disarmament. The most important target is the youth studying in schools and colleges,” it says.

“The coverage of topics on such important and vital issues such as weapons of mass destruction, disarmament and peaceful uses of chemistry are grossly inadequate in our curriculum at university level. The young students who are well conversant with profound scientific principles and advanced technological applications are largely ignorant of important international conventions like Chemical Weapons Convention which have a bearing on the welfare of the entire humankind,” says the notice. “You are requested to kindly take necessary measures for inclusion of vital issues such as weapons of mass destruction, disarmament, peaceful uses of chemistry in the university curricula,

it adds.



When contacted, UGC Secretary Jaspal S Sandhu refused to comment on any official document. The UGC chairman was also not available for comment. “All these things mentioned in the notices are very important… The way to behave when a terrorist attack happens should be a subject for all students as this is a very real threat facing the nation. S

econdly there is a need for the students to understand where we, as a country, stand on major issues like chemical disarmament…


Thirdly, we need to promote the handloom industry because it is out heritage and must be preserved,” said former UGC chairperson Arun Nigavekar. “We are ready to inculcate any new subjects in the curriculum, especially if it is of national importance.

But the issue has to be taken up in the academic council… As far as using handloom fabric is considered, we will definitely follow it,” said W N Gade, Vice Chancellor, Savitribai Phule Pune University. – See more at: