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Vira Sathidar- activist and actor gets death threats

Vira Sathidar,Photo: Aruanangsu Roy Chowdhury

Vira Sathidar,Photo: Aruanangsu Roy Chowdhury

Radical Ambedkarite activist and actor Vira Sathidar has alleged a threat to his life, citing a media campaign against him.

The lead actor in the movie Court India’s official entry for the Oscars this year — claimed that a photo of him with JNU student Umar Khalid is being circulated in the media and other social media platforms to dent his credibility.

“The media campaign against me started on February 19. Some local newspapers and one national English daily carried reports that my links with terrorists and Maoists stand exposed. The campaign still goes on, but only one reporter called me for my reaction. Even TV channels who recorded my version are not showing it in their reports,” Vira Sathidar told The Hindu.

The actor who rose to prominence after his movie received international acclaim, claimed, “The police and the RSS people seem to be behind it. I was told by a friend that some WhatsApp groups of the RSS and its members had discussed me, terming me a big threat. As far as my connection with Umar Khalid is concerned, I have met him only once in the office of a lawyer in the district court. ”

When asked about his photo with Umar Khalid, a JNU student who has been booked on sedition charges by Delhi police, Mr. Sathidar said the photo was clicked when JNU student Hem Mishra was released from jail.

“I had gone to meet Hem Mishra. Umar and his friends, who were Hem’s batch mates were also present. A lawyer friend clicked our photo and uploaded it on Facebook. That was the first and last time I met Umar,” he claimed.http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/court-actor-alleges-threat-to-his-life/article8277086.ece

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  1. What a state of affairs. By the same criteria all diplomats, ministers who have been photographed with Pakistanis should have been considered as anti nationals!

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