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#India- Status of doctors at Primary Health Centres

Nov 12, 2012

According to PRS legislative Research , Public health care in rural areas is provided through a multi-tier network. Public Health Centres (PHCs) are provided for every population of 30,000 in the plains and 20,000 in the hills. Generally, each PHC caters to a cluster of Gram Panchayats. PHCs are required to have 1 medical officer and 14 other staff. As on March 2011, there are 23,887 PHCs in the country.

Among the states, Chhattisgarh has the highest vacancy of doctors at 71%, followed by West Bengal (44%),

Maharashtra (37%), and Uttar Pradesh (36%). On the other hand, Rajasthan (0.4%), Andhra Pradesh (3%)
and Kerala (7%) have the lowest vacancies in PHCs.

• Nine states do not have any doctor vacancies at all at the PHC level. These states include Bihar, Jharkhand
and Punjab.

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