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Press Release – Attack on Shabnam Hashmi in Rai Bareilly


jamia 003

jamia 003 (Photo credit: Radical Notes)


We condemn in the strongest possible terms the on Shabnam
Hashmi in Rai Bareilly. She was attacked at about 12.30 on April 28
while she with her associates was distributing leaflets brought out by
JAVAB- Janvadi Vichar Andolan Bharat barely 100 metres from the
Gadaganj Police Station in side the Rai-Barely constituency.

Shabnam Hashmi and her associate were attacked by a gang of about 20
hoodlums who snatched all the Javab Leaflets while pushing and abusing
Shabnam Hashmi in the most foul and sexist terms.

At the police station Shabnam had to argue with the SHO, telling him
that no one can be stopped from exercising their right to free
expression and that he had to file an FIR against the attack on her
and the threats of rape and sexist abuses. The SHO did not register an
FIR and did not give her a copy of her complaint.

We demand that the hoodlums are immediately apprehended and coercive
tactics of the BJP not be allowed by the local administration.

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Comments (4)

  1. Sankara Narayanan

    I suppose Gadaganj Police Station inside the Rai-Barely constituency is not ruled by a BJP govt. SP claims it is secular. What a shame! Even those who claim secular don’t act against fundamentalists and communalists for the fear of loosing majority community’s votes.

  2. cool dude

    Ye toh raajniti ka gehna hai. Aap kaun se doodh me dhule hain?

  3. Seema

    SP Akhilesh is a highly communal and agent of RSS

  4. Tanushree Gangopadhyay

    Attacking Shabnam and her associates is a highly condemnable act.. Worse still is the police not accepting her complaint. This misdeamer by the police of any government cant be tolerated.Concerned police personnel should be penalised as they have not heard a woman who was violated.All the other associates were also violated. If the law is broken by the police who are in charge of law and order, then democratic structures would crumble in this vast country.

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