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Month September 2021

Hijras – a vibrant and misunderstood community

POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 by- Akriti Raput When a baby is born in an Indian household-they invite hijra to shower the newborn with their blessings for their blessings confer fertility, prosperity, and long life on the child. But when… Continue Reading →

Odisha -Dalit Christians by Hindu activists to flee their village and told they could only return if they renounced their faith

POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 Dalit Christian families are living in fear in the eastern Indian state of Odisha after being ostracized by Hindu activists for their faith. The five families were chased out of Lodamila village in Kandhamal district… Continue Reading →

SC woman accuses medical officer of caste discrimination

POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 C Ponmani, who has been working at the department for the last 11 years, had alleged that the superintendent, who belongs to a dominant caste, had been harassing her on caste lines. THOOTHUKUDI: After an … Continue Reading →

Pakistani Women Are Leading the Struggle for Human Rights

By Hasan Ali  Pakistani Women Are Leading the Struggle for Human Rights Pakistani Women Are Leading the Struggle for Human Rights In one of the most patriarchal countries in the world, the struggle for civil liberties is being spearheaded by… Continue Reading →

Self-managed abortion: A life-saving revolution #AbortionisHealthCare

How access to safe medication could prevent thousands of deaths every year Manisha Kumar MSF doctor Self-managed abortion could open up access to life-saving treatment for millions of people. Dr Manisha Kumar, head of MSF’s task force on safe abortion care,… Continue Reading →

We Need Access to Safe Abortion – #InternationalSafeAbortionDay

MILTON SIMANOWITZ , RETIRED, NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE CONSULTANT GYNECOLOGIST, OBSTETRICIAN AND MEDICAL DIRECTORON 9/27/21 AT 12:24 PM EDT In the mid-1960s, I was a young National Health Service houseman in London specializing in obstetrics. One day I was called to the… Continue Reading →

Who does the blanket ban on reporting Sexual Harassment cases benefit?

The Bombay high court has come up with guidelines on reporting on sexual harassment at workplace cases, complete anonymity, in-camera hearings part of guidelines by- Kaljal K Iyer The Bombay high court has come up with a fresh set of… Continue Reading →

Women First Digital’s HowToUseAbortionPill.org #InternationalSafeAbortionDay

Teams Up with Doctors Without Borders to Launch Groundbreaking Video Series on Self-Managed Abortion To destigmatize abortion and provide an evidence-based and trust-worthy guide on self-managed abortion with pills worldwideSeptember 27, 2021 09:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On International… Continue Reading →

Sexual Harassment – Can sending self-destructing messages be considered ‘destruction of evidence’?

Self-Destructing Messages / Apps or ephemeral messages are those messages which “disappear” once the recipient of such message has seen or read the message! Some apps allow one to exchange SMS, messages, and media files without worrying about message history… Continue Reading →

If someone else did this, I would not consider it less than a traitor…’ Letter to Father by Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh’s first letter Lahore, 22nd July, 1918 Dear Babaji, Hi. The request is that your letter has been received. I was glad to read it. The point of the test is that I didn’t write earlier because we weren’t… Continue Reading →

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