Mumbai. Homosexual couples, who are finding it hard to get married due to social stigma, are excited to hear that Hindu Mahasabha plans to marry off couples who’d be seen roaming around together on Valentine’s Day.

“This is awesome!” said Shristi (name changed), “I plan to wear men’s clothes and take my sweetheart Sudha (name changed again) to a park on Valentine’s Day where we can find some Hindu Mahasabha guys. Finally we will be married to each other.”


While some like Shristi are planning to fool the Mahasabha, others believe that the organization could voluntarily solemnize gay marriages.

“In their statement, they have talked only about love and commitment, not about genders. So we believe that they will be cool with gay marriages,” Subodh (obviously, name changed) told Faking News.

When Faking News asked Hindu Mahasabha if they have factored in encountering gay couples on Valentine’s Day, they conceded that they didn’t think of this possibility.

“Some news channel gave us information on where we can find couples. But yes, they didn’t clarify that we could find gay couples too. I think these reporters are double crossing us,” one member said.

“We might just beat them up,” he revealed what was their plan-B in such cases.

Meanwhile Khap Panchayats have threatened Hindu Mahasabha against marrying off couples who belong to the same gotra.