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RAJEEV GUPTA ON PM’S MYGOV PORTAL `It’s Incumbent on government to ensure provision of shelters’
To save cows from being slaughtered, the government should support cow shelters as well as promote the use of cow urine, dung and draught animal power.These are suggestions of senior IAS officer and Union youth affairs secretary Rajeev Gupta, in a blog he has written for the prime minister’s MyGov portal. Gupta has served for long in the animal husbandry department in UP and as boss of agriculture cooperative Nafed in Delhi.

“Use of cattle dung, urine and draught power of the male cattle“ does not stand properly included in the mandate of the Ministry of Agriculture and establishment of cattle shelters is not on the active consideration list of any government department, he wrote.

Highlighting rampant violation of the laws preventing cow slaughter, Gupta said cattle are termed as “useless“ and abandoned or sold for slaughter. “If the farmer is unable to keep such cattle, shelters will take care of them and make proper use of their dung, urine and draught power.Inaction of the government in this regard is the root cause of rampant violation of the cattle preservation laws.“.

Goshalas and gosadans require government support for sustenance, he said. “It is incumbent on the part of the government to ensure provision of shelters for stray cattle wherever they are required. These shelters should be integrated in the overall cattle development programmes,“ he said, terming these as his personal views.

Gupta could not be contacted for comment on Sunday .

Cow slaughter is a major issue now with many BJP-ruled states strictly enforcing laws preventing it.