KOLKATA — Authorities at the prestigious Scottish Church College in Kolkata has prescribed a dress code for its students.
A notice put up on the college’s notice board has said that in order to maintain propriety and proper atmosphere in college campus, the dress code would have to be followed by the students. A section of students said that they would stage protests seeking withdrawal of the dress code.

“Clothing worn to the college should reflect the seriousness and importance of the learning environment. Therefore, students’ attire is expected to be based on modesty, neatness and safety on the campus,” reads a notice put up by the college authorities which has drawn immediate protests.

“The college recommends that students come to college in simple and unostentatious dress suitable for an academic environment,” says the notice.

Claiming that the dress code has been imposed on them without any kind of consultation, a section of students said they will launch an agitation on Monday. Educationists and activists too have slammed the decision.

“This is clear infringement of the students’ liberty. Such a diktat reflects the college’s authoritarian attitude,” said educationist Pabitra Sarkar. “In this age, issuing a diktat on college students about their attire is uncalled for,” said activist Miratun Nahar.

Here are the things students can no longer wear to this college.

  • Short skirts.
  • Any kind of earrings or facial studs for boys.
  • Any kind of message written on T-shirts.
  • Half or three quarter-length trousers.
  • Round-neck T-shirts.
  • Slit skirts.
  • “Improperly worn” salwar kameez and sarees.

(With inputs from agencies)