People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)                                                                July 30, 2012
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Press Release
PMANE Condemns the Irresponsible Behavior of Minister Narayanaswamy
In spite of the fact that the Madras High Court has been hearing a batch of petitions on the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) for the past few months, Hon’ble Minister Narayanaswamy at the PMO has been continuously speaking non-truth about its commissioning in an irresponsible manner. He has been mindlessly parroting the same childish announcement every weekend at the Chennai airport that the KKNPP would be commissioned in the next ten days. Every Indian citizen must be wondering if this stage-managed weekend comedy is part of the Indian nuclear program.
As a Central Minister, Hon’ble Minister Narayanaswamy must be aware of the simple fact that it is unbecoming of a responsible person to keep commenting on the ongoing cases and the Court proceedings. The Minister must be held contemptuous of the Madras High Court as he has been commenting continuously on an ongoing case and he should be punished for the same offence.
Interestingly enough, nobody in India challenges Hon’ble Minister Narayanaswamy over this irresponsible behavior and the reckless attempt to misinform and mislead the people of India time and again. May someone remind him of the fact that he is a Central Minister and that too at the prestigious PM’s Office and hence he should not perjure himself in his weekend confessions at the Chennai airport.
The PMANE condemns Hon’ble Minister Narayanaswamy for this irresponsible and reckless behavior. The only consolation we feel is that the people of India have to put up with Hon’ble Minister Narayanaswamy only for a little more than a year. And this misleading political leader who seriously thinks that the people of India are all idiots and can be constantly lied to may never be reelected by the people again.
If there is so much confusion and chaos in announcing the very date of commissioning of the “best” nuclear power plant in the world, how can the people of India trust the officials’ empty rhetoric on the safety and efficiency of the Russian-made reactors.
The PMANE also demands a White Paper from the Prime Minister, as the Minister for Atomic Energy, that details all the expenses, amount of Russian loan, the interest rate, and the overall loss that has been accrued by the Indian taxpayers for the repeated and recurrent delay of the KKNPP since the original plan of commissioning in the year 2007.
The PMANE would like to request the beloved Anna Hazareji, the Anna Team, and the “India Against Corruption” activists and supporters to consider the massive amount of corruption, wastefulness, theft and loss that occur at the nuclear installations, institutions and the entire atomic energy department all over the country. In our humble opinion, any fight against corruption in India must start with this department that does not share any truthful information with anyone in India. When the ruthless and profiteering American, Russian and French governments and corporations join hands with the corrupt Indian politicians and officials, we have so much to worry about our country’s future and our people’s wellbeing. God save India!
The Struggle Committee
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)