17-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh’s Devariya district was killed by her grandfather and uncles over wearing jeans in the village. The grandfather and an auto driver, who had helped in disposing of the body, were arrested. The incident was reported from Mauadeeh police station area on Thursday.

The victim used to stay with her father in Ludhiana. Upon returning to the village, the girl kept wearing jeans, top and trousers, which were apparently objectionable to her grandfather and uncle.

Police reached the spot and sent the body for post-mortem examination.

LUCKNOW: A 17-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her uncles and grandfather in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria district on Monday after she defied their ‘no jeans’ diktat. The teen had taken a liking to western wear after her brief stay in Ludhiana but was being pressured to shift back to Indian wear when she returned to her native village.

The girl hit a wall and bled to death during a scuffle at home with her uncles and grandfather. The accused allegedly threw the body off the Patanwa bridge on Kasya-Patna highway but it got stuck on
The body kept hanging there for hours and was spotted by passers-by, who informed the police.

According to police, the girl had begun wearing trousers and tops after her family shifted to Ludhiana. When the victim and her mother returned to their village, she refused to switch back to Indian wear despite pressure from the family elders. Instead she spent more time outside the house to avoid them.

The girl’s grandfather and an auto driver, Hasnain, were arrested on Tuesday while her uncles are still on the run.

Locals said despite several warnings from her relatives, who asked her to wear traditional attire, she did not pay any heed.

Last Monday, she was warned by her grandfather and uncle when they saw her in jeans. When the 17-year-old wore it again on Thursday, she was brutally beaten up by them.

Finding her in a critical condition, the duo rushed her to hospital but she, however, collapsed on the way to the hospital.

Panicked by the sudden death of the teenager, the family members also tried to throw the body from the bridge. The body, however, got stuck and remained there till police arrived and took it away for post mortem