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The Chairman

West Bengal Human Rights Commission

Bhabani Bhaban



Respected Sir


This is a case of molestation and sexual aggression upon a poor woman by Border Security Force personal , the incident taken place at the Indo Bangladesh bordering district of 24 Parganas (N). The said BSF personal made concurrent attempt to sexually abuse her, and in this effort to satisfy his lust even tried to allure the victim by making commitment of assistance in cross border smuggling. Though, this is not an isolated incident, but the repetitive sexual aggression upon the womenfolk of bordering areas by the BSF personnel must be ceased at once.


I am providing you a detail on the incident, which is self explanatory in nature and demand for:-

1.  The BSF personal must be booked under the law

2.  The incident must be urgently investigated by an independent agency

3.  The Commission must take appropriate measures to protect the modesty of the women from BSF personnel at bordering area

4.  The victim and witnesses must be guaranteed with ultimate safety and security

5.  The victim must be compensated duly for her social loss


Sincerely Yours




(Kirity Roy)

Secretary, MASUM


National Convenor, PACTI



Name of the victim: –  Ms.  Sanjuara Bibi (name changed), aged about 40 years, wife of Mr. Jakir Hossain Sardar resident of village- Doharkanda, Police Station – Swarupnagar, District- North 24 Pargana, West Bengal.

Name of the perpetrator :-  Mr. Laxmichand, Major of Bithari Border Out Post of Border Security Force, under Swarupnagar Police Station, 24 Parganas (North).

Place of incident:-  In Doharkanda village.

Date and Time of the incident :-  On 6th July 2013 at around 7 am and on 21stJuly 2013 at around 7.30 am.

Case Details:-  Ms. Sanjuara Bibi is a resident of village Doharkanda. She is living in penury with her family, by her profession, she is a daily labor and used to live at her paternal house. She lives with her husband Mr. Jabir Hossain (45 years), two sons Mr. Kabir Hoassain (18 years), Mr. Siraj Sardar (14 years) and one daughter Ms. Tanuja Khatun (16 years).

It is revealed during our fact finding that on 6th July 2013 at around 7 am, while Ms. Sanjuara Bibi was returning to her home from agrarian land with 15 kg of urea fertilizer, the errant Mr. Laxmichand, Major of Bithari Border Out Post blocked her movement and asked her to come with him to BSF ‘site’ in guise that she has done a wrong by carrying fertilizer, and on the way told her that ‘I would not confiscate your fertilizer but in return you have to satisfy me’ he further told the victim that by carrying fertilizers, she would not get enough money, and he would help the victim in future to earn enough money, while they were on the way to the said ‘ site’ the errant BSF personal forced the victim to an orchard, and asked her to follow him at the back of a tree referring that otherwise passerby could see them, further he said that ‘if you satisfy me I will ensure for cross border smuggling  of thirty bags of cumin seeds and by this activity, you can earn more’ the victim asked him how she can satisfy him, in reply the BSF personal without any shy asked her to unclothe and sleep at the orchard. The victim ran from the scene, but on the mille the BSF personal tore her Sari, but out of supposed feeling of social ostracism she never complained to any authority or villagers

In continuity, on 21st July 2013 at around 7.30 am two Border Security Force personnel from Bithari Border Out Post came to Doharkanda village to confiscate of Phensydil (a common item of smuggling, cough syrup) from Ms. Tachmina Khatun; daughter of Mr. Ayed Ali Gazi, during that numbers of villagers were assembled at the place, including the victim. All of a sudden Mr. Laxmichand came to the victim and pulled her by catching hand and clothes toward the parked BSF vehicle and asked her to come to BSF camp.

Later, the victim lodged a complaint to the Sub- Divisional Police Officer; Basirhat, District – North 24 Pargana on 22.7.2013, but till date no measures have been taken. Ms. Nihara Bibi, wife of Mr. Meder Gaji and Ms. Rashida Bibi, wife of Mr. Majer Ali Gaji along with many others of the said village witnessed the incident.

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
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