From Rohith Vemula’s Facebook wall

The recent discussions and heated arguments surrounding the Osmania University Beef Festival offers us a lot of things besides the food issue. First of all, I am not one of those who think beef eating is eternally emancipatory. And I am not also a cultural apologist. If something is a psuedo-scientific thing, I would not wish it to be continued on the name o.f cultural tradition. Coming to the core aspect of my ranting, beef eating in public is not an act of reclaiming something from the history. It was to show resistance for those contemporary forces in today’s India (Well, must be said the Always’ India, no?) who think that they can control the others’ way of life. Beef eating is an element of culture of resistance which must concern everyone rather than an exclusive Dalit resistance culture.

Eating beef and celebrating beef eating is an act of solidarity with all those who are getting murdered on this reason nation wide. If we fail to see the fact that the BJP-RSS-VHP scheme of anti-beef campaign is essentially a tool to persecute Muslim minorities in this country, we would regret for being the mute spectators of another mass unrest in this country. The whole cow myth is less anti-Dalit today and more of anti-Muslim propaganda. Here is the opportunity for all Dalits to modestly extend Ambedkar to all the minorities of this nation. And it must matter to everyone in this country who says they understand Ambedkar. The notion that cow is special in animal kingdom is a disgrace to the science temperament the world has produced. If someone really feels sorry for the fate of cows in our country today, those dals, sakhas should burn all the tractors and machines in their farms and must start ’employing’ cows to meet those needs. At the same time, we must also be less hesitant to trace down the cow like issues to the religious angle of them. Of course, without gazing into that abyss for more time.

The vegetarians, non-beef-eating-non-veggies and especially the Dalit apolitical people must realize that they are only helping the hindutva ideology by allowing it to roam unchecked on our premises.

Finally, did you people observe the whole discourses around this issue?? I found no one even daring to criticize Ambedkar and Ambedkarite movement all trough this thing. Until yesterday they tried passionately to reduce all of Dalit activities to “Identity Politics”. Suddenly the Indian political thought seems to have grown to recognize Ambedkar as unfathomable. And historically, this is the time they would like to appropriate it. If we fail to be a chaos now, we are bound to get domesticated.