DHINKIA – Umakant Biswal a young anti POSCO activist and a farmer from Dhinkia was shot and arrested yesterday when he was working on the farm near the village. Police came on motor cycle in civil dress to arrest him, after recognizing them Umakant tried to run away but was shot in leg and later arrested.

According to the villagers he was tortured in custody after being arrested as well. He was taken to Police Station in Paradip.

Dhinkia is the most ardent center of resistance; Dhinkia movement has given tough fight to State Govt and POSCO. Since few months state govt is trying hard to enter and arrest of opponents are quite common. PPSS leader Abhay Sahoo is also behind bar along with other villagers.

Meanwhile the dharna is continuing in the villages opposing the POSCO project.Earlier yesterday POSCO India has issued statement asking Odisha to lift the restriction on entering the site of its proposed steel plant in the state to carry out project work.

Pleasecall up jagatsinghpur sp , dsp paradip and police staion paradip for immidiate hospitalisation of umakant the nunbers are
sp jagatsinghpur off 06724-220115
res- 06724-220015
DSP Jagatsinghpur, Off: +91-9437026173, 06724-220530

SDPO, Paradeep, Off: 06722-222451, Res: 06722-222007

Police Station, Paradeep: Off: 06722-222027, Res: 06722-222057

Collector & D.M., Jagatsinghpur: Off: 0724-220379, Res: 0724-220199, 220299