Bengaluru school; cops tear gas protesting parents

Incidents of child sexual abuse in Bengaluru have become a regular occurrence showing how vulnerable kids are even at school.


BENGALURU: Police lathi-charged dozens of angry parents and used tear gas shells to disperse people protesting against the alleged sexual assault on an 8-year-old girl inside a Bengaluru school on Wednesday.

Television reports said that the child had alleged that a teacher had sexually assaulted her and this led to her parents demanding action against the school authorities and the accused.

Dozens of other parents, whose children study at the same school, also joined in the demanding that the teacher be booked and brought to justice.

The protests, reports say, soon became unruly with the agitated parents pelting stones at the school building and damaging property.

Police said that the angry parents tried to set the school building on fire and also attacked Bengaluru Police Commissioner M N Reddi. 

With the mob going out of control, police had to resort to a mild lathi-charge and use tear gas against it, the police commissioner said.

No arrests have been made in the case so far. There has been no statement from the school in the matter as yet, either.

Incidents of child sexual abuse in Bengaluru schools have become a regular occurrence with at least one such case coming to light every month.–cops-tear-gas-irate-parents-074316496.html

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