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BHOPAL: In an act of barbarity, private parts of a 45-year-old dalit woman, who was allegedly gang-raped by 5 people, were burned by accused with a lighter in Harda district late on Saturday night.

The survivor alleged that when she went to file her complaint at a police station a couple of hours after the incident, she was turned away.

“Police officials refused to file the FIR saying I was lying,” the survivor told doctors at the district hospital on Wednesday, four days after the incident. Realizing the gravity of incident, doctors lost no time in informing the police, forcing the latter to file the case leading to the arrest of one of the five accused.

The incident took place at Singhanpur village of the district. Police said Ram Baksh, 60, has been arrested while the hunt for other accused is under way. Rahatgaon police, station in charge Ramesh Piplodia said, “The survivor, a resident of Singhanpur village, accused that in the night of December 21, she was abducted and gang-raped by five people. Who also branded her private parts using lighter.” She made the complaint on December 25, he added.

“Of 5 accused 3 are of 60 years of age. Barring the arrested person, other four are her relatives,” Piplodiya said. “The medical reports have also confirmed burning of private parts,” Piplodiya told TOI. Dr Manjusha Parate, who is treating the woman at district hospital said, “She has severe swelling in her private parts. Her hips were also branded.”

“During interaction she told me she went to the Rahatgaon police station after the incident on Sunday, but her complaint was not entertained. Later, when the pain became unbearable she came to the hospital,” Parate said.

“The police registered the case after we informed them about it. Police didn’t entertain the complaint earlier as they kept saying she cooked up the tale,” Dr Parate alleged. However, Rahatgaon police station in charge Ramesh Piplodia refuted allegations saying, “She didn’t visit the police station on Sunday. In the past also, she made a complaint of molestation and it was registered. If we had registered her complaint in the past, there was no reason for us not to do so this time, he said.

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