Ram Puniyani

Today (25 December 2022) came to know about the sad demise of my dear
and close friend K.P.Sasi. I came across this creative brilliant person
when I was working for my book, ‘Communalism: Illustrated Primer’. I had
long chats with him on the issue of communalism. He himself was very
concerned about this issue and readily agreed to draw for the book. And
what a remarkable work! His cartoon, ‘skeletons talking to each other
and asking their religions’ will never be forgotten. On another instance
his cartoon on beauty pageant, with one of the contestant being Miss
Poverty will leave its imprint on the type of work which he did in such
a committed, dedicated and compassionate manner. And there are number of
them which need to be re-circulated.

His film making is another great contribution. His brief film America,
should be a must watch for all those who are concerned about the damage
Imperialism has inflicted on the world.

Further I also worked with him closely in National Solidarity Forum for
over one and half decade. He doggedly pursued the Kandhamal issue for
last many years and kept us on toes to keep fighting for Human rights of
victims of the violence.

Have not seen his other films but whatever little I have seen; his
films, cartoons and writings are outstanding. His work will be an
inspiration for us all to pursue the struggle for Human rights with deep
understanding and commitment.

It is an irreparable loss for all of us working for democratic rights
and trying to preserve humane values in society.

I am grieved personally.