– Rohit Prajapati

“Statue of Unity” (“SoU”), Made in China !!!.
And, Now India – China are in Dispute.

Indian Government may cover with saffron colour cloth, the “SoU”, Made in China.Indian Government may cover and remove “SoU”, Made in China.Indian Government may remove and replace it with a new “SoU”, Made in India.

Indian Government, in the meantime, may provide special Z + Security to “SoU”, Made in China, to protect it from “Anti-China” Movement’s Supporters.Indian Government may not provide security to “SoU”, Made in China, because it may look like a Pro-China Government. 

Many Journalists, with ‘Nation First’ slogan may now oppose “SoU”, Made in China.Many Journalists, with ‘Nation Wants to Know’ slogan may now oppose “SoU”, Made in China.Many Journalist, with ‘Nation First’ slogan may conduct primetime debates on “SoU”, Made in China.

Some Journalists may now ask questions to the others: Why did they not oppose and question “SoU”, Made in China, then.Some Journalists may start opinion polls: “SoU”, Made in China V/s “SoU”, Made in India.Now, Nation* is eagerly waiting to know: Who is going to take up the campaign to demand, “SoU”, Made in India !!!
Whether it is ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in India’… But, uptill now, we have not seriously questioned and debated this crucial point: “SoU” is a symbol of Violations against Nature and Violence on the Local Tribals.

* Nation does not mean only land, territory, boundaries, a flag, an anthem, a language, a dominant ideology etc… It is first about people, ethics, values, philosophy, principles, diversity, tolerance, equality, justice, peace, democracy, and whatnot.

We live not by the state defined boundaries but by a universality of the Laws of Nature and Principles of Humanities too. – Rohit Prajapati