Nadeem, brother of mob lynching victim Qasim and Mehruddin, brother of another victim Samayuddin speaks to media at Press Club of India, on June 22, 2018 in New Delhi, India

With the Hapur Bar Association rallying round the accused for lynching a cattle trader and the police lodging a dodgy FIR, the stage is set to ensure that the case collapses in court

The FIR lodged by Uttar Pradesh police in the case related to the mob lynching of a cattle trader in Hapur (Uttar Pradesh) says it was a case of road rage. The FIR claims that the deceased Qasim Qureishi (45) and Samiuddin(65) critically injured by the mob, were set upon by a mob after they hurled stones at an unidentified vehicle which had hit them.

The FIR bears the thumb impression of a younger brother of the deceased. The police apparently detained the family and made them go on a wild goose chase in search of Qasim , who was already dead, in various hospitals till they agreed to put their thumb impression on the FIR.

The police also resisted their attempt to lodge an FIR by saying that there couldn’t be two FIRs in the same case.

It is a case of a dodgy and false FIR registered by the police after putting the complainants under duress, asserts Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves. It is incumbent upon the police to register a fresh FIR. He also called for an investigation by an independent agency because the UP Police, he said, had lost all its credibility.

Samiuddin’s brother Mehruddin said that his brother had gone to collect fodder from the fields when he noticed a group of young men thrashing another man. When Samiuddin tried to intervene, the mob pounced upon him, and while showering him with abuses, beat him up.