A get-together of activist singers took place in Bangalore on Aug.14, 2012 at UTC, Bangalore.Adivasis from Coorg, Chickamanglore, Budakkattu Krishikara Sangh Nagarhole, Adivasi Aikya Samithi Wayanad, fisherwomen from Theeradesa Mahilavedi (Women’s Wing of KSMTF), activists from anti-nuclear movement of Koodankulam, Students from Salsabeel Green School -Thrissur, Activists from VIBGYOR, Meghnath and Madhu Mansoori from Jharkhand, Bhoomi Thaye Balage, Karnataka Vidhyarthi Sanga (KVS), Sammanita, Tribal Joint Action Forum (Siddi Group) participated and sang songs related to the contemporary concept of freedom.

Social action all over the world has been shaped and inspired by songs. Through songs activists informed, inspired, motivated and touched the hearts of people on various aspects of social reality all over the world, using minimum words. And in reality, these minimum words could achieve what large essays and long speeches could not achieve.

During the last few decades in India, a large number of songs have emerged in the dalit movement, anti-nuclear movement, anti-dam movement, farmers’ struggles, fisher-folk’s movement, adivasi movement, women’s movement, movement for the rights over natural resources, child rights movement, sexuality movement, anti-communal movement, human rights movement, environment movement , anti-displacement movement and the struggle against destructive development in general.


One thing is clear from this: Songs unite people.
Through songs, the activists of today are expressing a different notion of freedom – much different from the earlier notions of freedom struggle. The activists today recognize the existence of a neo-colonial exploitation even today but the struggle which unites them is through multiple resistance movements on diverse issues. We feel the need to strengthen such songs and popularize them.

The event was organized by:Pedestrian Pictures, Department of Women’s Studies (UTC), Visual Search, Solidarity Youth Movement, Karnataka Janashakthi, ALF, Moving Republic, Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike, PDF, Vishtar, INSAF, Sichrem, National Adivasi Alliance, New Socialist Alternative, Lesbit and Other

Source- post by K P SASI